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Get up close and personal with top industry marketing experts to help you learn the critical marketing skills and strategies you need to grow your business.

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What You'll Learn


How to write an amazing book and get it published.


Why you need to be on LinkedIn today and how to best utilize it for business sustainability


The inside scoop on making YouTube a powerful piece of your marketing plan and how you're missing out if you don't


What it takes to speak from stage and gain enhanced visibility


Get TV Gigs and leverage them to grow your influence


The secrets to guerrilla marketing and avoid spending a fortune on ads


Facebook Marketing: What you need to know for 2020


Utilizing Contact Marketing(Direct Mail Marketing) to reach the top


Why and how podcasting can position you for sustained success


The current tricks to make your blog generate leads and put consistent cash flow in your pocket

And so much more!

Propel your new year of marketing with these proven strategies.

Join us for a day of no-fluff, no-hype, highly effective marketing training.

Meet Our Team Of Experts!

Amy Walker

CEO - Amy Walker Consulting

"Get Seen In 2020!"

Dr. Ruben West

CEO - Ruben Speaks

"How To Build A Speaking Business"

Jess Tiffany

CEO - Jess Tiffany Consulting

"How To Increase Brand Awareness"

Justine Beauregard

Owner - Mirelle Marketing

"Best Social Media For Business"

Crystal Mitchell

CEO - Mitchell Business Solutions

"Best Ways To Market A Small Business"

Tara R Alemany Publisher - Emerald Lake Books

"How To Build Your Business Using A Book"

Barry Coziahr

CEO - Stampede Branding

"Facebook Marketing For Dummies"

Karen Fox

Founder - Karen THE Connector & Stepping Up U

"How To Do Effective Marketing on Facebook"

Steph Nissen

Partner & Head of Digital Operations - Atomic Revenue

Digital Marketing Analytics

D Yvonne Rivers

Principal - The Phoebe Marketing Group

"Guerrilla Marketing Ideas"

Judy Weintraub

Founder - SkillBites & Weintraub Legal Services

"Is It Worth It To Write A Book?"

Luis Hernandez

Owner - EMP, Founder - GO-ABQ

"Small Business Event Planning"

Ilise Benun

Founder - Marketing-Mentor.Com

"Marketing Ideas For The New Year"

Kate Schnetzer

CEO - Kate Schnetzer, LLC

"How To Make Video Marketing Work For Your Business"

Dr. Tori Knox

CEO - VicToriOus

"Market Mobility"

Jennifer Tamborski

CEO - Virtual Marketing Experts

"How To Find Your Ideal Client"

Peg Duchesne

Founder & Owner - Duchess Enterprise, LLC

"Know Your Buyer"

Jaclyn Baldovin

Owner - Radiant Digital Solutions, LLC

"Is LinkedIn Worth It?"

Lisa Lieberman-Wang

Co-Creator - Neuro Associative Programming "NAP"

"How To Appear On TV"

Stu Heinecke

Founder & President - Contact

"What Is Direct Mail Marketing And How Can I Do It Better?"

Nicole S Cooper

CEO - Nicole S Cooper, LLC

"How Do People Make Money Blogging?"

Jill Winger

Founder - The Prarie Homestead

"Why Should I Start A Podcast?"


Host - The Conscious Millionaire Show

"Why Podcasts Are So Popular"

Ron Lyons

Founder Creators Accelerate

"How To Get Discovered On YouTube And Grow Your Business In 2020

We Know You're Busy:

All sessions are streamed live, and recorded. We encourage you to join us live, but if you can’t, playbacks will be available. So don’t let a busy schedule stop you from getting the training you need.

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Don’t waste your time on another strategy that costs money and takes time

Marketing is the FASTEST most reliable way to grow your business.

Brought To You By Amy Walker Consulting

Amy Walker is an International Speaker, Executive Business Coach, Radio Host, and Author. If you are looking for someone to tell you business is easy and that you can create a 7 figure business in the next 90 days, Amy is not your girl! Amy is committed to the process it takes to grow successful companies. Over the past 15 years she has coached thousands of entrepreneurs in sales, marketing, leadership and scalability.  Amy's no-fluff approach to business will leave you feeling like you've had a full course meal in business education. Amy is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create a business model that works, makes money, and doesn't take over their lives. She believes that business can be a platform for creating positive change in the world. Amy has been featured in Fast Company, Huffington Post, various tv programming, and often on stage inspiring and guiding entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking sustainable growth and profits. Amy is a mom to 5 boys, living in a town of 400 people in NE Georgia running a million dollar company. If you want to build a strong foundation to get your product, service, or message to the market, Amy is definitely your girl.